We're "Chasing the Chill" in Port Credit

Take this Scarf! That's the invitation attached to the colourful handmade scarves that will appear on January 25, 2017 in public places throughout the Port Credit area of Mississauga - tied onto trees, railings, sign posts, light posts, bike racks. These are gifts from First United Church.

Organizer Carol Hennigar of First United explained "We hope that, in addition to offering a moment of unexpected delight and keeping people warm, this initiative will build positive interest and curiosity regarding The United Church of Canada. There's often so much more to church than people imagine. We're looking forward to continuing this program and offering our neighbours a random act of kindness & warmth".

At the end of a specified time, any unclaimed scarves will be collected and donated to the local outreach organization The Compass.

‘Chase the Chill’ was originally started as a community event by Susan Huxley of Easton, Pennsylvania. Similar events occur now in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Smith’s Falls, Ottawa, and other locations.